Is the Emirates Air Line accessible for disabled passengers?

Access to the Emirates Air Line is step free, with staff present at both terminals to offer assistance to passengers.

Cabins can take wheelchairs and single battery power source motorized wheelchairs, as long as they are no wider than 800mm.

Due to weight and size restrictions of the cabins, larger wheelchairs and motorized scooters are not permitted on the Emirates Air Line.

Are bags allowed on the Air Line?

Due to size restrictions in the cabin, we advise passengers to limit baggage to small day size rucksacks and bags. Passengers with other bags and luggage may be refused entrance, particularly at busy times.

Are pets allowed on the Emirates Air Line?

With the exception of guide dogs, animals must be carried at all times. Some animals may not be permitted. Please check with a member of our staff before you purchase your boarding pass.

What’s the difference between the boarding passes?

The Emirates Air Line is not part of the general London travelcard system. Passengers wishing to use the Emirates Air Line must purchase a boarding pass or use Oyster Pay as you go. There are three boarding pass types on the Emirates Air Line. For full details, please refer to the document found on the Information section of this website

  • Single boarding pass allow a single trip on the Emirates Air Line.
  • Return boarding pass allow the passenger to make a return journey On the Emirates Air Line on the day of purchase.
  • 360 boarding pass or private hire allow the passenger one continuous trip on the Emirates Air Line travelling from one terminal to the other and back.

A 25% discount is available on single and return journeys if the passenger is using Oyster Pay As You Go or has a valid travelcard or freedom pass. Multi trip boarding passes are available for regular users at discounted prices. These can be purchased at the ticket office, or for Oyster users this will be calculated automatically.

Can I use my Oyster Card?

The Emirates Air Line accepts Oyster Pay as You Go. A discount is automatically applied to the cost of a boarding pass.

Can I bring food or drink on the Emirates Air Line?

Open alcohol containers are not permitted on the Emirates Air Line. Eating is not forbidden, but we would prefer that people waited until before or after their journey to eat. As with all public transport, please try to be considerate of your fellow travellers. You may be requested to not bring food on board or to dispose of food that is likely to cause offense to other passengers.

What facilities are available at the two Terminals?

There are cafes, restaurants and bars located in and around Emirates Greenwich Peninsula and Emirates Royal Docks Terminals.

How do I use a gift voucher/complimentary boarding pass that I have received?

Vouchers and complimentary boarding pass should be redeemed at the ticket office at either of the terminals.

If there are adverse weather conditions, how do I know if the Emirates Air Line is operational?

Keep an eye on this website, on the homepage there is a constant newsfeed from TfL showing the status of the Air Line. You can also check www.tfl.gov.uk/emiratesairline for more detailed information. At stations on the underground, DLR and Overground networks Service update screens (Rainbow boards) will also keep you informed as to the status of the Emirates Air Line.

What if there are adverse weather conditions?

The Emirates Air Line (EAL) cable car system is designed to operate throughout the year and in most weather conditions. However, cable cars are not designed to operate in absolutely all conditions and in this respect; the Emirates Air Line is more like a boat or plane, than a train. The two forms of extreme weather likely to cause disruption to the service are;

  • Threat of lightning and thunder to the immediate area- this is likely to impact service over relatively short periods of time.  There may be times when the operation closes for less than 20 minutes, before the storm passes and service resumes.
  • Very strong winds- this is likely to lead to a longer period of ‘No Service’ as wind speed tends to reduce at a gradual rate

In both circumstances operating procedures are in place to close the system to passengers as their safety and comfort is our number one priority.

During any service disruption, passengers can receive up to date information through the TfL website tfl.gov.uk or the 24-hour travel information phone line 08432221234.

Can I pre-book boarding passes?

At present it is not possible to pre-book boarding passes for the Emirates Air Line. Passengers can use Oyster Pay As You Go for travel, and can purchase their boarding passes at either of the Air Line terminals using the boarding pass vending machines or ticket offices.

TfL continually reviews boarding pass purchasing options and facilities, and in the future it may be possible to pre-book Air Line boarding passes. Please visit www.tfl.gov.uk/emiratesairline for further information.

How many people can you fit in one cable car?

The maximum amount of people able to go into each cable car at any one time, is ten. The stewards at the terminals will be constantly available to assist and advise you on this before you board.

Is there coach parking at the Emirates Air Line?

There are car parks located near each terminal that have coach parking facilities, please visit ww.ncp.co.uk for further information.

Can you hire out a cable car privately?

Private hire of the cabin is available, this costs £86 and can accommodate up to 10 passengers. Private hire allows a continuous journey on the Air Line from one terminal to the next and back. The private hire of cabins is subject to availability and at busy times we will not be able to offer this service.

Are there any special arrangements for children at the Emirates Air Line?

Children under the age of 5 travel free (when accompanied by a paying adult). A child fare is available for children between 5 and 15. Children up to the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. A group of children who are 15 and under will also need to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I take my pushchair or buggy on to the Emirates Air Line?

Buggies and pushchairs must be folded completely flat with all items removed before taking them on to the Air Line, and when on the stairs about to board the cable cars. At busy times it may not be possible to take buggies that are fixed and cannot be folded down.

Are pregnant women allowed on the Emirates Air Line?

Pregnant women are welcome to travel on the Air Line. Just like travelling in a plane however, this would be at their own discretion. The cabins themselves are designed to move whilst travelling between the two terminals which is entirely safe but may cause discomfort to passengers who suffer from nausea. If you are pregnant and are unsure whether it is a good idea to travel on the Air Line, please consult your doctor first.

Are there toilets?

No there are not toilets at the Emirates Air Line

Are there car parking facilities?

Passengers are advised to use public transport to get to the Emirates Air Line. Buses and tubes are available a short walk away at North Greenwich Underground station at the South terminal, or at Royal Victoria station on the DLR at the North terminal.

Car Parking is available near both terminals at the NCP car parks. Please see www.ncp.co.uk for further information.